Yours Truly Just Published on THCB (

My blog posting regarding my experiences with Obamacare was just published on and the editor just emailed me, said it is “creating quite a stir.” I can’t wait to see that stir since I started it. One should always enjoy the rumbles one creates.

It if indeed frustrating when it’s obvious that some don’t get that my problem was not technically with Obamacare but the Democrats’ handling of the rollout and their denial of the problems. There were going to be problems; to deny them seemed self-defeating at the least and cruel at its worst (as I personally experienced). Hopefully, my second post (which is on my FB page available for Public viewing) will also go up.

I hope to do more writing for THCB in time (the opioid “epidemic” nonsense will be my next target).

See the post below:

If you’re curious about THCB  — The Wall Street Journal calls them “the leading insider voice in the field. The New York Times calls them “the authority.” They’ve also been called “The New New England Journal of Medicine” and “Wired meets the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

It is the leading online forum covering the business of healthcare and the new ideas that are hcanging the health care industry. They’re read by a daily audience of 4,000 – 5,000 healthcare industry observers, decision makers and healthcare pros. Their readers are executives at healthcare networks and organizations, policy makers on the state and federal level, decision-makers, doctors and nurses, med students, investors and entrepreneurs and consumers trying to come to grips with the changes impacting the healthcare system.

THCB covers the business of healthcare, national healthcare policy, technology and day to day health care news.

Their bloggers include some of the most influential voices in healthcare today as well as relative newcomers. Writers include Art Gunderman,  Ashish Jha, Farzad Mostashari, Matthew Holt, Tom Frieden, Uwe Rheinhard, Ceci Connelly, Charles Kenney, Elizabeth Dentzer,


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